Dig deeper into the Women’s Project here. While many of these downloadable resources are tucked into the exhibit pages, this page allows you access to all that and more key archival material in one place. Discuss what you’ve learned from the exhibit with others in your organization, classroom, or neighborhood using the discussion guide.

Exhibit Discussion Guide
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Watchcare Reports

Starting in 1989, the Women’s Watchcare Network published an annual log of hate violence in Arkansas. The data contained in these reports is a key source of both personal stories and statistics.

Newsletter Issues

The Women’s Project published Transformation, a newsletter that came out four to six times a year. Its pages are full of boundary-pushing political writing from a wide variety of local folks.

Additional Archival Materials

The Women’s Project developed these documents for use in the thick of the work, both for organizing and celebration.

Women’s Economic Status Reports

As part of its work for economic justice, the Women’s Project took a leadership role in a task force that addressed women’s economic status in Arkansas. The data and recommendations in these reports directly influenced the organization’s Women and Work program.

Issues of Sinister Wisdom

Feminist journals like Sinister Wisdom, which still publishes four issues annually, lined the walls of the Women’s Project through its massive lending library. See what members might have been reading as they worked for a better world.